The NES - Why Did it Win? Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 Last week on AtariAge someone asked why Atari Corp released the XEGS when they already had the 7800. Well, that conversation naturally evolved into the same-old "why did Nintendo win" debate. Someone brought up a new idea: Nintendo's first party games attracted people to the system, that 3rd party titles had little effect on their success, & neither Atari nor Sega were able to offer anything to attract consumers in such high numbers. There's nothing wrong with the first part of that assesment; I agree that Nintendo's first party-games were part of the reason for their success, but I also believe the answer's more complex, & that we can't so easily discount the presence of 3rd party titles. As such, let's examine the original Nintendo's history, from the release of the Famicom to the late 80's, to see what Nintendo did to win. This is the first article I've actually written for this site. Hope you enjoy it.

Nintendo Hands Free Controler About the NES controller for handicapped kids. From, via the Wayback machine.

The Nintendo Hands-Free Controller A short news article about the controller, from a newspaper, hosted on an old game site. Via the Wayback Machine.

Nintendo - Switching Industries Nintendo's journey from a playing card manufacturer to a vidceo game company. Video article by the Company Man, on YouTube.

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