Updates for 2021 in yyyy/mm/dd Format

2021-12-09 Added an article to the "N" page It's a video about Nintendo called "Nintendo - Switching Industries"

2021-8-12 Created a small comic about Google's new phone. Added it to the comics page.

2021-8-5 High-End Gaming PCs Banned in Six US States To combat energy consumption. I don't really know what to say here... From the comments it sounds like this only bans the sale of PCs which use too much power when hibernating.

Added a link to an article about Atari SA's new game system From 2017, when they announced it.

I also added a bunch of links to Pelikonepeijoonit.net, on various pages. All from here I got down to the Handhelds Gallery before stopping; the other links will require more time, since they're technically categories for multiple articles. I didn't link to all the stuff above the Handheld Gallery; just the stuff I thought most interesting.

2021-7-29 Added a link to an old walkthrough for Pokemon Gold & Silver here. It's from before the games were released outside of Japan; someone had the game imported & wrote a quick over view for other folks who did the same.

Updated the Comics Page to include a link to SMBHQ's old Neglected Characters webcomic, archived in the Wayback Machine.

2021-7-1 Added a link to a dice probability chart today. It's on page "D." Added a link to an early version of Pokemon Village last week; I really should go through that site too, to see what else it has.

Just went threw a newer version of Pokemon Village on the Wayback Machine, & added most of the surviving articles I thought looked interesting. All of them are on the "P" page

And Goodwill sold a copy of the rare 2600 game Air Raid, so I linked to an article about that, on page "A."

2021-6-17 Added a link to an old interview with Satoshi Tajiri, plus an often overlooked intor describing how Time got the interview. Under section T.

2021-6-10 Mario Games Timeline: Super Mario HQ had a fairly good time line listimg Mario games from the early 80's till the mid 2000's. I copied links to the overview pages for each game, but a few were missing, so here's links to the timelines themselves:
Retro 80's 16-Bit Era N64 Years Game Cube Era Wii Revolution
I should try to add my own page, chronicaling later Mario games, but not today. The timelines also have links to reviews, guides, & the like; I've not copied those links yet. If I do it'll probably be best to add them next to the link to each game's overview page.

I added a page for video game comics the other day, tho I forgot to add an update here. I'll probably try to add links to SMBHQ's old comics there. I wasn't going to add them at first, but they were such a big part of the site they shouldn't be left out. Here's the Comics Page. Here's the first comic I made for this site: It's a sprite comic. Image sources: https://www.spriters-resource.com/game_boy_gbc/pokemonyellow/sheet/15848/ & https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Evolution_of_Sprite_Bottles.JPG

2021-5-20 Finished adding links to the articles SMBHQ's N64-era timeline. Just gotta do the Gamecube & Wii eras then I'm done with that!
The Gamecube era's missing a bunch of pages; I've gone through it & got what the Wayback Machine had. Moving on to the Wii era.
The Wayback Machine didn't get any of the pages on the Wii Era. I'm so dissapointed I could cry. Are they gone forever? :( The Wayback machine did get the list of games; maybe I'll link to that.

2021-5-17 Added a short defence of Pokemon Red & Blue. Really, this is just a couple of posts I made on Serebii.net edited together, but it is something I wrote, so I might as well add it. Also added a link to SMBHQ's old article on Super Mario RPG, archived in the Wayback Machine.

2021-4-30 I wasn't planning on adding any pages for other games till I was done linking to the major pages of SMBHQ, but I just found out Pac-Man Fever Forever went off line recently. I linked to the main page, archived in 2020. The site was fairly small, so I shouldn't need to link to every page.

2021-4-22 It's been a few days since I've tried to backup anything from Yahoo Answers; in truth the site's too big for any one person to archive. I think I'll work on adding links to archived articles from SMBHQ agaion; just to give me something to do, & to try to keep this site going.

I finished linking up SMBHQ's list of 16-bit Mario games; I just need to do the 64-bit, GameCube, & Wii games, then I can start focusing on other sites.

2021-4-15 Part 3: THE NES - Questions About its Success The last couple of articles brought up some questions; this is an attempt to answer them.

2021-4-14 Part 2: The NES in the U.S. These are taking longer to write than I expected, so there'll be a part 3. (Lord Willing.)

2021-4-13 Wrote an article about the NES The NES - Why did it Win? This is a response to something at AtariAge; I thought I might as well post it here, & give this site some original content. This is the first part, covering Nintendo's success in Japan. I've already started another article about Nintendo's success in the U.S. I'll try to finish the 2nd part & get it up tomorrow.

And, yes, I'm still trying to add pages from Yahoo Answers to the Wayback Machine; if you know of any interesting pages add them & send me a link.

2021-4-8 My plan was to finish linking to SMBHQ articles, then start linking to other sites, but that may have changed. I just found out Yahoo Answers is closing, so I'm going through the games section looking for interesting things. I'm copying the URLs into the Wayback Machine, so I can link to them later.

2021-4-1 Well, I decided to put this online today. I actually have two differentcopies of this site on; I've been working on it on two different computers. I'll have to check the other copy, then add whatever I've done there later.

I plan on adding more links to SMBHQ, then I plan on linking to articles on other sites, like AtariHQ, TRS's NES Archive, etc.

2021-3-25 Well, I just found out yesterday that Super Mario HQ shut down last month, so I decided to try to work on this. I miss the days of small fan sites, & I'm sick of modern bloated sites. I can't write a lot of content myself, but I can link to archived content, for easier access. I do plan on writing a few things, & maybe getting permission to republish some stuff which has fallen offline. Let's see how this goes.

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